We Do Weddings!

Keep your wedding guests occupied following the ceremony or offer an alternative to a dessert course at your reception with an ice cream truck!  Just imagine the amazing photos you’ll get too!  We serve alcohol adult ice pops and for the little ones- we serve novelty ice cream treats they will love and the experience will make lifelong memories!

The Ice Cream Team will bring a unique and fun element to any wedding or special day. From rehearsal dinners to the big reception, if you want novelty ice cream, served from a truck or adult ice cream, The Ice Cream Team has you covered.  

Why consider fundraising with The Ice Cream Team?

We are proud to have helped dozens of schools, clubs, organizations & parent/teacher groups raise money for their cause! This is a unique and fun way to fundraise in all areas in Charleston County, SC & Berkeley County, SC for great causes.

Do you need to fund your theatre program or booster club?  Does your school need to upgrade instruments for the band, buy jerseys or sports equipment for a team or pay for a field trip?

The Ice Cream Team can help! We can also help causes in your community, like Boy or Girl Scout groups, recreation groups, churches, non-profits, or other causes. We can help raise funds for pre-schools, elementary schools, middle and high schools, or colleges and universities! 

Why consider fundraising with The Ice Cream Team?
  • It’s easy, fun and free to your school! 
  • No selling involved 
  • Free materials and promotion assistance 
  • Get your community involved – students, teachers, families, and local community members! 
What types of events do you attend? We’ve found that open houses work best, where there are lots of parents present to help donate, but we often attend other types of events where there are lots of people present!

Events that would be a good fit for fundraising with The Ice Cream Team
  • Graduation ceremonies 
  • Sporting events and games Field days or end-of-year celebrations 
  • Science fairs 
  • Art shows 
  • Club events 
  • Open houses 
  • Family nights 
  • Dances or proms 
  • Spirit weeks 
  • Movie night 
  • Concerts

Ice Cream Catering for Events

Thinking of doing something different for your special events? Hire us to cater your events such as: 
  • Office Parties 
  • Employee Appreciation 
  • Customer Appreciation Day 
  • Product/Service Promotion 
  • Staff Appreciation 
Pricing is based on the type and size of the events. The Ice Cream Team carries over 60 different novelty ice cream choices made by Good Humor, Popsicle, Blue Bunny & Cindy's Twisted-Sicles! 

The Ice Cream Team is always happy to accommodate folks that prefer sugar-free, gluten-free, and nut free ice cream treats. We are licensed, insured & operate throughout Charleston County, SC & Berkeley County, SC! 

Give us a call at 843-906-0776 or e-mail us at info@theicecreamteam.com or check out our website at https://www.theicecreamteam.com & find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/theicecreamteam

Ice Cream for a Cause – Serving Ice Cream to Serve our Community!

"One Ice Cream at a Time!" 
The Ice Cream Team recently added a third ice cream truck to its fleet dedicated to raising money for a great cause! Every ice cream sale made on our new yellow truck will benefit the Charleston Animal Society. In 2018, we introduced our 'Ice Cream for a Cause' initiative, with a pink truck to raise awareness and donate a portion of sales to help fight cancer. Our dark blue truck is dedicated to supporting our troops - with a portion of every ice cream sale being donated to The Wounded Warrior Project! 

The Ice Cream Team is your perfect 'sweets' solution for any event, party or fundraiser! Let our ice cream catering service turn your next gathering into an ice cream extravaganza. The Ice Cream Team carries over 60 different novelty ice cream treats, made by Good Humor, Popsicle and Blue Bunny. We also serve adult popsicles by Cindy's Twisted-Sicles. 

The Ice Cream Team is happy to accommodate folks that prefer sugar-free, gluten-free and nut-free ice cream treats. We are licensed, insured & operate throughout Charleston County & Berkeley County, SC. Contact us today to discuss your event needs.

Lowcountry vendor hoping 'booze pops' will help ease Hurricane-induced stress

Lowcountry vendor hoping alcoholic frozen treats help ease hurricane-induced stress

HANAHAN, S.C. (WCIV) — The Tanner Plantation neighborhood in Hanahan was having an all-out hurricane party on Wednesday. While most places were closed, business had never been better for the Ice Cream Team. Liz Wilson was the woman making all the stops, garnering long lines along the way. It was a hit with the kids to no surprise, but one of the biggest sellers was the alcoholic ice pops made just for adults. “I know there’s parents out here who probably have their nerves in knots dealing with the children and preparing for the hurricane,” Wilson said. “My home’s taken care of, figured I’d come out here, make a little money and keep everybody happy at the same time.” By 2:30 p.m. Wilson had already made stops through six neighborhoods. She said it all started with a Facebook post to a neighborhood group. Much to her surprise, the requests came rolling in and did not stop. “We decided to get them out while we can, the pool is open, the weather is not bad,” said Ashley Wheeler, a mother living in Tanner Plantation. “These are adult treats. I got Marketplace Margarita, Strawberry Sinner. This will be my first time. It will be a good memory.” Wilson said she had to restock the alcoholic pops several times throughout the day, which concluded with stops to ten neighborhoods.

WCIV News 4 Coverage of The Ice Cream Team

It’s an all out hurricane party in Tanner Plantation! An Ice Cream truck making stops in Hanahan, SC has been wildly successful, especially with parents! Boozy ice pops!

The Ice Cream Team & Events

Let The Ice Cream Team brighten up your next event, party, corporate event, ice cream socials, fundraisers, schools, sporting events, festivals, birthday parties and much more!! 
  • Corporate Events: Reward your employees with ice cream and watch them become more productive! Book for company picnics, employee appreciation days, company anniversaries, meetings and breaks. 
  • Daycare Centers: Nothing makes children happier than the ice cream truck arriving to serve treats. Faces light up as they hear the music of the approaching truck for a scheduled visit. 
  • School Events: In addition to fundraisers for your school, the Ice Cream Team can serve school events such as fun fairs, field days, classroom parties, graduations, sporting events, teacher appreciation days, etc. 
  • Community Events: The Ice Cream Team's trucks are a great addition to town events such as farmer’s markets, parades, holiday celebrations, firework nights, community concerts, library functions and block parties. 
  • Marketing: Ice cream creates excitement! Let’s face it: People will do just about anything for ice cream. Bring The Ice Cream Team on board to help promote your business or product. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results. 
  • Ice Cream Truck Party: For outdoor events at a scheduled time with a dedicated ice cream server. An ice cream truck may be the best solution. Our service is simple, straight forward, and allows flexibility to handle your next event —big or small. 
  • FUNdraiser Program: Want to raise money for your school, daycare, sports team, event or organization? Let The Ice Cream Team help with our FUNdraising Program – it’s incredibly easy, fun and sweet! Get Ready for the Big Event! How It Works: 1) The Ice Cream Truck(s) arrives before the event starts. 2) Raise money quickly with little or no effort. 3) Receive a % of total sales after the event.